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To become really GREEN

Plant bamboo to mitigate your environmental impacts.

Your environmental and social commitment has a value: with US you can see and estimate it!

Corporate social responsibility

The commitment GREEN is today fundamental to define the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Social Responsibility, ie the integration on a voluntary basis, of companies and organizations, social and environmental concerns in their operations concerned.

Agenda 2030 and ESG parameters

With our Environmental Projects, your commitment to GREEN will be transformed into concrete action to achieve the environmental objectives of sustainable development set out in the 2030 Agenda. This approach will increase your Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), assessing a company’s collective consciousness in relation to social and environmental factors.

Competitive edge

You will thus gain a competitive advantage: for the same product/service, sustainability is a value that can make the difference when buying or choosing partners.

Coop 2020 Report

In the Coop 2020 Report, 55% of the Italian respondents said that to direct their purchasing choices, immediately after the quality/price ratio, there is precisely environmental sustainability.

Improve your reputation

The company’s responsibility and commitment to reducing its impact creates a positive echo among its customers, partners and employees, improving awareness and loyalty.

Investments aimed at protecting our planet offer the possibility to create initiatives to engage its customers.

No Greenwashing

Thanks to BambooPro your company will become a real protagonist in new processes that will place it on the market as a real economic green actor (not Greenwashing!).

Greenwashing is the trend of many companies to declare themselves sensitive to environmental issues, declaring to follow a eco-sustainable working process through the only apparently green expedients; Greenwashing means adhering to marketing ideas that recall eco-sustainability (a term that today has great appeal) hiding behind the terms of environmental sustainability and ethical process without doing anything concrete to protect the environment. We do something else:
We realize real Italian Reforestation Environmental Projects

Being Green for Us

Being Green for us means developing a path in which companies create a suitable number of plantations to be able to mitigate their emissions.
We aim for eco-sustainability not as a promotional message and deceptive, but as a virtuous path Green (contrary to Greenwashing).

The benefits of this activity will be:



BambooPro certificates containing all the data related to the environmental project are translated into TOKEN and registered in BLOCKCHAIN

Why the Bamboo?

Bamboo plantations store up to 16 times more carbon than coniferous forests.(¹)



You can finance a BAMBOOPRO PROJECT promoted by Consorzio Bambù Italia (duration: 10-15-20-25-30 years).



BAMBOOPRO Projects generate CERTIFICATES to mitigate CO₂ emissions by creating OnlyMoso certified Italian plantations.



The amount of CO₂ absorbed has been calculated by an Italian University of primary level in the scientific and technological fields.



The verification activity on plantations in relation to compliance with the requirements of the Cultivation Specification
for plantations is conducted by Bureau Veritas Italia.



Our BLOCKCHAIN platform records every stage of plantation development: from this are generated MITIGATION CERTIFICATES (identifiable geographically).



Green Branding & Storytelling: With us Your brand and your business commitment becomes truly GREEN. You can communicate it with a dedicated and personalized MEDIA KIT for you.

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